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(SEMASA) Fun, Excitement and Act of Giving this holiday season with Doraemon!


The 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo has been bringing joy and excitement from their new home in Johor Bahru City Square. However, more new surprises are coming your way this school holiday & Christmas season! From now till 4th January 2015, there will be plenty of fun activities, great prizes and special events for our Doraemon fans. Read more →

(SEMASA) Ocean Park Transforms into Horror Film Studio for the 14th Halloween Fest Featuring Asia’s First Doraemon-themed Halloween Party First-ever Attractions that Change from Fun to Fright as Day Turns into Night 

Pic 2 - Ocean Park is introducing the Doraemon Halloween Party, Asia_s first-ever Doraemon-themed Halloween attractionSMALL.

Building on the tremendous reception of last year’s revolutionary all-day-and-night Halloween Fest, Ocean Park this year will again present a new breakthrough by transforming itself into a horror film studio, featuring nine unique experiences at seven haunted attractions that offer a galore of fun and scares all day and night for the price of one ticket! Presented for the first time is an ultimate haunted attraction where guests would need to complete a series of tasks within a locked chamber, challenging the limits of the senses and their innermost fears. As well, the team behind the horror blockbuster Rigor Mortis is bringing to life the film’s eerie dilapidated public estate setting and zombie-making process. At Asia’s first Doraemon-themed Halloween party, featuring the beloved Doraemon’s favourite gadgets such as “Time Machine” and “Anywhere Door”, guests can experience along with a fun and fascinating adventure with Doraemon. For the first time this year, Ocean Park will introduce two Transforming Attractions, which offer fun-tastic experiences for the entire family until 5pm on each event day before transforming into the most frightful haunted zones for the evening. Brave souls would also want to visit the world’s first haunted attraction with selfie video cameras available for rent so they can take home up-close footage of their own expressions of sheer terror. Topping the event off is a wide range of Halloween shows to spark the Halloween spirit for guests of different ages. Read more →

(SEMASA) The 100 Doraemon Secrets Gadgets Expo in JB: Catch it before Doraemon Returns to the Future!



When growing up, have you ever wanted your very own Doraemon to be friends with? (We still do, actually.) That’s why, for the Johor Bahru stop of the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo, we’ll be introducing the Expo’s exciting theme: “Everyone wants a Doraemon!” – Where visitors will get to experience befriending their favourite blue robot cat from the future! Read more →


1_Jasmine Chew, Chief Executive Officer of Anakku Sdn Bhd at the official opening of Animation World

Pengalaman membeli belah yang menyeronokkan menanti pelanggan dengan pelancaran Animation World, yang menjadi rumah kepada pelbagai karakter kartun kesayangan ramai seperti Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Angry Bird dan Doraemon. Pengalaman unik yang disampaikan oleh Anakku Sdn. Bhd., sebuah syarikat terkemuka di Malaysia yang membekalkan pelbagai rangkaian produk yang memenuhi gaya hidup bayi dan kanak-kanak kecil, akan memberikan para pelanggan sebuah pengalaman membeli belah yang lebih menarik dan menghiburkan. Read more →