(HIBURAN) #OMG (One Mad Godmother) The Movie

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OMG was developed in August 2017 upon the discovery of GOMOT, a character developed by Ddil Yng, creator, writer, emcee cum “comediennetainer” and event producer, self-made woman, by Aaron Lim, CEO of REDBOY Group and Executive Producer/Producer of the movie after learning that she would write her funny yet real life experiences that related to many especially Asian women.


A comedy drama film inspired by true events, #OMG (One Mad Godmother) is about GODMOT” struggling to find balance in life and happiness. Torn between western and asian, cultures and practices, GODMOT faces problems fulfilling society expectations. Her life is one that only few can understand. Her fierceness and stubbornness is unbelievable, but she lives it against all odds.

RachelB, a young sexy female DJ, coming to cross-roads in her life, seeking new beginnings after letting go of an abusive background, manipulative relationships and failed ventures, she moves to the city to start a new life.

The 2 meet at the hottest club scene in the city, where the beautiful, the rich, the famous, the fast cars of which was the epitome of the 21s century’s urban lifestyle, or so they thought.

Will GODMOT’s dark secret and a younger man, strengthen their friendship, trust and loyalty or WILL IT RUIN EVERYTHING??

Starring Ddii Yng aka “GODMOT”, top 3 Malaysian Female DJ, RachelB and Han Huertas and we are inviting whole host of YOUNG and THE YOUNG AT HEART Malaysians to be given a chance to be part of this pretty fun and historic movie!

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