(SEMASA) NIGHTOGRAPHY after #LifeWithGalaxy #TEAMGALAXY Voice of Consumers with Galaxy S22+ | S22

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We live in an era where we snap away as we go, capturing memories all day and night. We truly understand that it can be a little challenging to capture these precious moments. With Nightography: a revolutionary combination of hardware and software in the Galaxy S22 Series, you can now capture night and low light photography in a breeze.

Our #TeamGalaxy switchers are here to share their Nightography experience after #LifeWithGalaxy!


Before meeting the Galaxy S22+, I never really took photos at night because my previous phone wasn’t great at taking photos in the dark. It always came out very grainy and blur. After #LIFEWITHGALAXY and experiencing Nightography, it’s a proper game changer, especially taking videos! It has definitely made it more fun for me taking videos and pictures.


The Galaxy S22 puts my mind at ease and I don’t need to use flash all the time. Flash photography can look awful sometimes so I’m glad my photos turn out crisp, clear and beautiful even at night after #LIFEWITHGALAXY.

With my previous phone, the night mode would always end up looking blurry, & if I use flash, it’ll look too bright and I don’t like it!


There is definitely more light being let in and definitions shown for each photo taken. I also like the fact that #LIFEWITHGALAXY has elevated my night shots, the images taken are not grainy at all, when you blow the visuals on the computer, the quality is intact & not at all compromised either.


#LIFEAFTERGALAXY has elevated my night shot experience through phone tremendously. I didn’t believe a phone could capture low-light situations this well until I played around with the S22. When you capture a photo, the clarity and color vividness comes to life AS IF you have placed lighting equipment in front you. That’s how amazing it is!

To find out more, or purchase the Galaxy S22+ | S22 5G: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-s22/buy/

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