(SEMASA) HONG KONG branded handbag PAPRIKA enters Malaysia – 2019 Spring Summer Collection Dazzling Star Officially opens for pre-order!

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(Kuala Lumpur) PAPRIKA, Hong Kong 2019 Spring Summer PAPRIKA Dazzling Star collection branded handbag is officially launched for pre-order in Malaysia’s official webstore.

PAPRIKA has always offered branded hand-bags that comes in simple and fresh designs with exquisite textured material and attractive pricing. Since 2008, the PAPRIKA brand has attracted the attention of fashionistas, models and entertainers and has made its appearance in countries such as Taiwan, China, Macau and now Malaysia. With the many artist support on the use and show of Paprika handbags, it has brought about a prestige class of its with compliments on design and matching colors taking into the aspect of making quality products available at reasonable prices without compromise on look and style.

PAPRIKA Official Website Is Officially Launched
Malaysia PAPRIKA’s official webstore www.paprika.com.my is launched together with the 2019 Spring Summer Dazzling Star collection. With this webstore, it provides the assurance of genuine products with on-going promotions providing linear services to Malaysian customers.

Dazzling Star Series Pre-Order Limited Time Promotion
In order to celebrate the official entry of PAPRIKA into Malaysia, PAPRIKA has released a new promotion. Any pre-order on its newly opened webstore on its 2019 Spring Summer Dazzling Star collection is only at RM179 offering free-postage to destinations in West Malaysia. It is available in a variety of colors and comes in elegant and simple design which is a perfect to match for casual outings as well as during official functions making it a definite must-have item during the spring and summer season.
Don’t miss out on the limited time offer on all pre-order PAPRIKA Dazzling Star series only at RM179 with free postage to our customers in West Malaysia.

For more details, please visit http://paprika.com.my

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