(SEMASA) Julie’s Share The Love – Celebrating the New Year with the villagers in Kelantan

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Julie’s Biscuits had presented their bestseller, No.1 in Malaysia Julie’s Love Letters to 215 families during the visit to Kg. Jelatok and Temangan village in Kelantan with full of gratitude and blessing. Hoping and praying for good weather and the promise of a bright future for welcoming the arrival of the New Year ahead.


In commemorating the New Year, Julie’s bring the joyful atmosphere & love to the people in Kg. Jelatok and Temangan Village – devastated two stricken places which were badly flooded, Julie’s Biscuits had offer heartfelt of love with our Julie’s Love Letters and hope it will be full of love and blessings to share with the 215 families by bringing them beautiful smile in welcoming the Year of Goat.


Attendees included Danny Goh (National Sales Manager of Modern Trade), Woo Hui Chong (Kota Bahru Area Sales Manager), Chia Soon Keat (Event Management Manager), Lim Bee Bee (Corporate PR & Communication Manager) and Julie’s team.

Every New Year, every household will purchase some delicious cake & cookies to entertain friends and relatives, which of course in order to those “love baking”, our Malaysia’s No.1 best-selling Julie’s Love Letters never been forgotten.

Julie’s Love Letters for Malaysians, it is not only bring you the old memories, it also gives us more of a boundless love, because every year, Julie’s Love Letters will bring out blessings to everyone during these festive occasion.

This year, Julie’s Love Letters new theme of “What’s Your Love Letter? write out” is to encourage people to pick up a pen, and writes to relatives, friends, teachers, lovers to share the same sense of love, thankful heart, for the people you love, presents the best of themselves, regardless of the face of adversity or with all optimism to greet the New Year, is to live a more exciting life ahead


Julie’s Love Letters had been more than 30 years of its brands, the emphasis is on health and nutrition steps uniform modern high-tech production, raw material for natural health standards, the materials used does not contain additives, trans fat and cholesterol, most importantly comes with the ISO and HACCP standards and strict management, combined with a full patience and love of reputation and become the best egg rolls.

Julie’s Love Letters appeared to meet the diverse tastes of the modern trend, it is the first combination of the full flavor of the sandwich, both sweet and rich Love Letters chocolate egg rolls, sweet and fruity strawberry Love Letters had faint fragrance with (Cocoro) vanilla cone, an open package, the natural fragrance of baking hook move with the taste buds, a nibble, very layered loose and brittle crust roll heart, with volume in the mouth mellow heart bloom, long cannot be dispersed, crisp and delicious, sweet but not too sweet and memorable. Each egg rolls quenching practiced Julie’s deep love and truth, like a love letter curly, romantic and irresistible taste of happiness, but also the expression of choice for Chinese New Year festive caring affection to friends and relatives.


Julie’s primary objective is to make biscuits baked with love, in order to provide operating staff comfortable open space, and to work in good green environment, culture and keep their hearts with love and remember: “I do not eat something, never let others eat! ” mentality, to produce biscuits filled with positive energy of love.

Julie’s loves has always advocated sharing, and continue to educate employees across the heart to be filled with love, the only way to do it is to produce positive energy biscuits. Julie’s Love Letters pour out egg rolls are one of the best affection rolls that are injected into the truth, fragrant and crisp, people eating in the mouth, warm at heart.

This New year, let’s be thankful, love tradition, for the people you love to presents the best of you!

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