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Eurotech Wheel has proactively introduced exciting new KTM model’s every year since its inception in year 2012. Today, there are 9 models in its line up, namely the Duke family of 200cc, 250cc, 390cc and 690cc as well as the RC family of 200cc, 250cc, 390cc.IMG20151023195333

Last night, a new chapter will be unveiled, a new milestone added when for the first time a 1,000cc plus motorcycle is brought to our shores by Eurotech Wheel. This is a testimony to the strong growth that the brand has experienced. It is a great honor for me to be able to grace the occasion to welcome our newest family member, the “KTM 1050 ADVENTURE”.


The bike needs no introduction, so kindly relax and enjoy the evening as the are many more exciting moments ahead. The market demand for this segment , although a niche market, it has increased and has it’s followers.


We are cautiously optimistic that this segment will enjoy another year of unprecedented growth and this would continue in the years to come.


To add to the thrill of ownership, we have arranged for the first 20 owners to experience the joy of travelling on their
new machines. The owners have just arrived from Penang and tomorrow their journey will continue to Sepang for the exhilarating Malaysia MotoGP 2015. They will then proceed to Johor, Pahang and go back via Perak.


This illustrates the modern biker enthusiast lifestyle, where the destination is not as important as the ride. With the KTM 1050 ADVENTURE, we guarantee that every ride is an adventure. KTM has always evolved to offer the best in recreational riding with exceptional quality and superb han-dling and performance.

KTM is Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. In Ma-laysia, KTM is the no.1 European bike brand in terms of volume and has held the position for 3 consecutive years. The introduction of KTM to Malaysia has not only brought joy to bikers but has also contributed to the development of the Malaysian Automotive Sector.


With its CKD program it has built jobs and brought exper-tise. With the support of our Principal, KTM Austria we have today an assembly facility in Bandar Darul Aman, Jitra, Kedah and exclusive distributorship of KTM bikes. This will complement efforts by the state and Federal Government to make Kedah the Northern Automotive Hub.


KTM Austria has emphasized that South East Asia is a key emerging market for its products and we are working together to ensure that this vision becomes a reality, even in the current challenging times.

The KTM brand is associated with free spirited riding and adventure. This experience has been brought to Malaysia with events such as the KTM 390 Duke Battle held in 5 states last year, the KTM 690 convoy and the conquest of 5 mountains in September. Interest in biking as a sport has also been fostered when more than 300 KTM club owners from all over the country were brought to attend the 2014 MotoGP.


Biking has also been taken to a new level when KTM brought international Stunt performers in. The objective is to create a sporting legacy, promote a positive ‘biker lifestyle’ thru “sport tourism”. We would like to touch a little more on our involvement with the Malaysian MotoGP. It is perhaps the oldest key motorcycle event in the region attracting spectators from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. In its current 30th Edition it remain as a key event in the region and one of the world’s largest motorcycle races.


Motorcycle enthusiasts flock to this event each year to watch the races. The many exciting spectator activities ensure that no one is left out. Its no different at the KTM booth at the Sepang Interna-tional Circuit. The booth itself is laid out in a ‘showroom concept’ showcasing our product range and in line with the festive atmosphere we have a whole host of events for the whole family. Make this Malaysian MotoGP memorable by visiting our booth this weekend.


To provide a glimpse into the future, we will be moving forward with more “off-road “ KTM models. This will spearhead KTM’s active participation in dirt biking. Dirt Biking or more popularly known as Motor-Cross is popular in the region and we have ample opportunities all year round to enjoy it. In fact we have plans in the pipeline to play a major part in the development of Motor-Cross infrastruc-ture including the building of tracks and promoting correct safe riding. However, last night is the night for KTM 1050 ADVENTURE.


Moving forward the KTM 1050 ADVEN-TURE will sit along side the KTM Duke and KTM RC family will add in KTM’s unique and diverse line-up. The aim is to have a bike for every rider within the KTM street range. Ultimately our vision is that every KTM owner will experience pinnacle of luxury sport touring .


A final announcement today is that we have changed our name to reflect the chang-ing times and the growth of biking and of the KTM brand in Malaysia. Effective this minute we will be know simply as KTM Malaysia.

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