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PETALING JAYA, 20 April, 2024 – The School by Jaya One is thrilled to announce its latest project, repurposing its focus to serve as a recreational hub for this neighbourhood. The vision is to welcome and attract tenants to drive this new offering, meeting the emerging trend of social sports and group workouts in a post-pandemic world while reaffirming The School’s commitment to creating meaningful community connections.

Over 200 acres of land make up Section 13, PJ, which has largely transformed from an industrial estate to a sprawling new high-rise commercial precinct with offices and residential apartments. This has brought back many younger populations working and living within the doorsteps of Jaya One. Thanks to nearby universities and schools, this vibrant and youthful community is now thriving and hungry for fun and creative recreation.

The direction, “The School – Your Recreational Spot,” is aimed at dedicating space to attract and offer recreational experiences through the following key pillars:-

Bringing In Tenants Whom Share The Vision

In line with the vision, The School by Jaya One has meticulously assembled a diverse mix of recreational tenants, including BUMP Bouldering, Jian Pilates, Celebrity Fitness, Magnifique Gymnastics, Masters Golf Performance, CHILLAX, MeTime Book Cafe, and ECO MTB, offering a wide array of activities such as bouldering, pilates, fitness, rhythmic gymnastics, indoor golf, surfskating, holistic wellness, and biking supplies to cater to assorted interests.

Complementing the array of recreational activities at Jaya One, a range of multi-faceted services is also planned to enhance holistic well-being. Existing services are chiropractic and osteopathy practices, represented by CK Chiropractic and One Osteo. As the popularity of modern healthcare rises, these services cater to the increasing demand for non-invasive approaches to wellness. Animal interactions are also integral to The School’s recreational offerings, with establishments like Ollie & Hana Puppy Nursery, Malaysia’s first and most thoughtful pet lifestyle concept store, promoting social bonds and emotional well-being among visitors.

Community Spaces & Facilities

The School has undergone a revamp on Level 1, which has been transformed to cater to the needs of modern-day recreational seekers, adventurers, and digital nomads. The new Level 1 promises an inviting atmosphere, complete with a range of facilities tailored for visitors to take advantage of ergonomic workstations, perfect for remote work or creative projects, and unwind with friends or colleagues with complimentary access to ping pong playing facilities. The space is also equipped with a multipurpose hall, ideal for recreational events, workshops, and gatherings of all kinds. In addition to its array of facilities, the Level 1 space boasts vibrant decor, featuring illuminated smiley faces on the floor, adding a touch of cheerfulness to the ambiance.

Community Incubation Program

As a space championing community-driven initiatives, The School has been a steadfast advocate of impactful community engagement and meaningful partnerships since 2015 through its Incubation Program. Given this new vision, The School has already been actively pursuing and supporting recreational champions across various disciplines, including inline skating by The Blade School, puppy training by PuppySchool.my, ceroc dance by Ceroc Malaysia, taekwondo by Mighty Kicks Taekwondo, capoeira by Grupo Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Malaysia, and more. These efforts seamlessly align with the diverse recreational offerings available at Jaya One.

Parking Policy

In support of the initiative, The School has introduced a new parking policy, designed to align with the overarching goal of attracting new audiences to engage in recreational activities at the space. Emphasizing convenience and reward, this initiative incentivizes extended stays with increasingly attractive benefits. Whether attending meetings, dining at the diverse F&B outlets, or indulging in recreational activities, the aim is to ensure every aspect of the visit is both seamless and gratifying.

Incorporating a unique rewards system, guests can now collect ‘Happy Points’ with each valid receipt or booking when patronizing participating recreational tenants, translating into discounts on parking fees. This unique approach not only encourages exploration of the offerings in Jaya One but also rewards patronage.

By offering incentives tied to their parking experience, visitors are encouraged to linger, fully immersing themselves in the myriad experiences the venue has to offer. This synergy between the parking policy, rewards system, and recreational offerings fosters a welcoming environment that nurtures long-term engagement and strengthens connections with the venue.

Why Recreational

“In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve witnessed a surge in interest towards group workouts and social sports, where a sense of community brings its own rewards beyond just exercising. With more people craving social interaction post-pandemic, we believe that this trend will only become more popular. Recognizing the significance of relationships and community, we are dedicated to position The School as a vibrant recreational hub, promoting in-person interaction and exhilarating experiences. The revamped Level 1 space at The School is a testament to our commitment to providing a dynamic and inclusive environment that caters to the evolving needs of our community,” shared Charles Wong, Executive Director of Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd, the developer of The School by Jaya One.

To celebrate the new direction, The School introduces the campaign message ‘Happy Hormones’.

Happy Hormones will serve as the cornerstone belief to help bring out happiness for all customers by promoting the natural release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins – neurotransmitters known for regulating moods and inducing feelings of happiness, through various activities, making individuals feel happy, blissful, or even euphoric.

To demonstrate commitment, The School is launching the Happy Hormones Class of 2024 Challenge event, spanning three months from 20 April to 22 June 2024, located at Level 1, The School, Jaya One. Throughout this period, participants can take part in the Happy Hormones Sportstar Challenge for a chance to win a grand cash prize of RM3k. Simply join four activities offered by recreational tenants such as BUMP Bouldering, Jian Pilates, Celebrity Fitness, Magnifique Gymnastics, Masters Golf Performance, CHILLAX, and MeTime Book Cafe, and become a member with at least one tenant to qualify.

The 20 April opening event promises an exciting launch ceremony and press conference. Guests aged 16 and above can expect exciting sport challenges, fitness demos and workshops, exclusive shop trials, redemption gifts for new members, and a lively pop-up bazaar on 20 April and 25 May.

The grand finale on 22 June will be a graduation-like Happy Hormones Prom Night event for Class of 2024 Challenge participants. It will include a medal-giving ceremony, the announcement of the RM3k grand prize winner, recreational demos and workshops, a pop-up bazaar section, DJ performance by DJ Mia Q, and conclude with an exciting cocktail party.

Stay updated on these events by checking out The School’s social media channels. For further information, visit https://www.jayaone.com.my/.

Happy Hormones Class of 2024 Challenge

Join in the ultimate adrenaline-fueled experience to unleash your inner athlete and boost your happy hormones with thrilling activities and fun-filled competitions. 

Dates & Time:

20 April 2024, 10am-6pm

25 May 2024, 10am-6pm

22 June 2024, 6pm-12am (Prom Night)

Venue: Level 1, The School, Jaya One

Attire: Athletic Wear

Age Suitability: 16 & Above

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