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PETALING JAYA (30th September 2015) – During the inaugural Pets Day Out event held at Petsmore’s PJ SS2 outlet, local media and bloggers were treated to many interesting activities such as the Pet Decoration Contest and Cage Decoration Contest.12167687_516201625215534_608067211_n

During the event, the COO of Petsmore, Mr. Sean Saw introduced their latest promotion on their grooming services. Petsmore is giving a great deal so that pet owners may experience the importance of grooming. He added, pets too revel in dolling up. The following attractive deals are offered:

1) RM150 ONLY for the First Trial Cat Basic Grooming Package. For 5 sessions, customers will save a whopping RM265 when their feline friends get services such as ear cleaning, nail care, and bathing & blow drying.

2) RM100 ONLY for the First Trial Dog Basic Grooming Package. For 5 sessions, customers will now save a whopping RM195 when their canine friends get services such as eye trimming, leg trimming, ear cleaning, ear hair removal, nail care, shaving of paw pad, stomach, private area, cleaning of anal gland, and bathing & blow drying.

He says, “Another sought after service at Petsmore is our Spa Grooming service – Micro Bubbles SPA System. Your pets are in for a total pampering treat as this Micro Bubbles SPA System offers anti-bacterial deep cleansing, deodorization and moisturization of fur and skin, reducing itchiness, and leaving the pets with a calming effect. This Micro Bubbles SPA System is strictly hypoallergenic and improves therapeutic effects while enhancing the immunity of pets.”

Meanwhile, their new Pet Hotel was launched in the hope that more pet owners have the peace of mind that their furry family members are well taken care of during their absence. According to Mr. Sean Saw, pet owners may have a tendency to alter or cancel their travel plans if they could not make suitable arrangements for pet care but this is not necessary should they opt to check their pets in Petsmore’s Pet Hotel.

“Our staffs are not only well trained but are animal lovers themselves who are passionate about every pet’s well-being. They understand that the customer’s worry is similar to the concern of a parent about to hand over their beloved child, so rest assured, these pets are in the best hands,” said Mr. Sean Saw.

Petsmore’s Pet Hotel provides 5-star boarding services to every pet, including individual ventilation system for each hotel room, daily cleaning and disinfection of the room, supply of food and fresh water at all times, as well as daily dry bath grooming for hygiene care and to ensure the pet in good appearance.

Prices for accommodation start at just RM42 per day for a maximum of one (1) pet at the Superior Suite; and RM73 per day for a maximum of two (2) pets at the Royal Suite. Meanwhile, Mr. Sean Saw is excited to announce that 18 of 21 Petsmore outlets in Klang Valley have opened their doors after some extensive refurbishments. Gone were the days where Petsmore outlets have narrow walkways with unorganized sections, without pet spa and grooming services.

The newly refurbished outlets today boast wider walkways with clearer section indicators and new aquatic sections for pet fish lovers. They now have also become a one-stop shop for pet spa and grooming services.

For more information, please visit Petsmore official webpage at www.petsmore.com. You may also become a fan at Petsmore Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/petsmore to get the latest updates and information. Follow us at Instagram Petsmore.

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