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More than 4,000 local and international participants joined Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run 2022 in which it has portrayed how a fun run could unify peoples from all around the world altogether.

Ice-Watch Malaysia Chairman Dato Sri Meer said that this is the fifth year that portrait how a fun run could bring joy and happiness for the participants, whereby they can meet and make new friends with everyone. This is the 1st time after 3 years (pandemic) and we are back on track at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya!

“This is the most exciting run that Ice-Watch has ever performed as we have participants from Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Belgium and many other participants from other countries, it shows that such a run can unite the people of the country while getting acquainted with the people of other countries.

“This is in line with our theme of ‘Unity and Colourful’, with the success of this year’s run we aim to create a massive promotion to attract more overseas participants for the upcoming Ice-Watch Run,” he told reporters after the run here, today. He also said that in conjunction with Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run 2022, Ice-Watch also launched the Malaysian special edition ‘ICE generation’ watch that comes with flashy neon colour designs.

Ice-Watch founder Jean Pierre Lutgen said that he felt more than happy to see all participants having the time of their life without being bothered by the differences of race and nationality.

“Malaysia is an energetic country when we join a fun run like this, we talk about united and family. We are all a big family. For me to join such an event is a dream for me since this is my first time to join in with all of the participants, “said the Belgian.

“When we join a fun run like this, we feel just like a big family,” said the Belgian.

“Whatever your age or ability, the ICE-WATCH Light Up the Night Run 2022’s 10KM and 5KM is all about getting the whole family active, while having fun and raising brand and health awareness for us. Having once again the opportunity to be the title sponsor, we take pride in the attributes that we encourage in our own employees and in the way, we conduct business – challenging limits, commitment to longterm vision, and doing things differently”, said Mirzan Meer, Director of Time Zone Malaysia.

“The goal is to not only help youngsters develop their physical selves, but also to instil in them the spirit of competition, determination and inspiration – all characteristics that will serve them well throughout their academic and working lives.” Said Mirzan Meer, Director of Time Zone Malaysia. “The ‘ICE-WATCH –Light Up the Night Run 2022’ was created to support and enhance the running sport in a way that will positively affect the people and communities of Malaysia.”

ICE generation collection at RM489 *Special Price at RM129

The collection for the run event! As fluid as water and as light as air, it ticks joyfully towards summer under a new name: the ICE generation. It’s buzzing with colours and sunshine! The ICE generation rich palette serves a cocktail of bold, tangy, fruity and flashy tones. For the more glamorous moments, the ICE generation glows in black or white, punctuated with clear touches. From sun ray dials to plain or classic dials, from a waterproof casing (10 ATM) to a waterproof strap, this time round, Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run 2022 are well and truly on the horizon. Say goodbye to ambient gloom!

The ICE generation embraces the happy-go-lucky spirit and the magic of letting your mind wander or even travelling thousands of kilometers away. Its presentation boxes – the iconic BeCubic – are in synch: the covers display the colour of each watch. Always practical, these boxes can be re-purposed into multi-use boxes; the «new generation» BeCubic reflect ICE-Watch’s increasing willingness to develop an environmentally responsible approach to current climate challenges. The dimensions have been reimagined; the sides are now made of recycled plastic from the waste of the plastic industry’s manufacturing process. Less plastic and less transport, the ICE-Watch is firmly in line with a more responsible economy.

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