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(SUKAN) Colour Of Ice-Watch Colour Up The Night Run 2023.

PLAZA SHAH ALAM, 2nd DECEMBER 2023 – Ice-Watch has been a sponsor for many extraordinary events around the world, such as the French Global Sailing Race in 2016, Abu Dhabi Formula One Championship in 2016, Swiss Polo Championship in 2016, French Winter Sports Tour in 2014 and many more! Being a part of the global initiative, in Malaysia we are proud to host one of the biggest running events in our global community for the 6th time, the Ice-Watch Colour Up The Night Run 2023. Read more →


The annual spectacle of exhilaration and vibrant colors is back! Ice-Watch Malaysia is excited to announce the return of the much-anticipated night run and this time it is called “Colour Up the Night Run 2023”, exclusively organized by JomRun. This year’s event promises to be even more electrifying as we introduce a new and innovative addition to the festivities – the IceWatch ICE smart one. Read more →

(SEMASA) ICE smart one: enter into a new era

Always ahead of its time, Ice-Watch has never settled for simply telling the time. It has always caused a stir, from its very first colourful watch, which was given a new look two years ago with the ICE generation, to its latest eco-friendly creation, the ICE solar power, which can be recharged with solar energy and artificial light and comes in 100% green packaging made of recycled plastic fibres. Read more →

(SEMASA) Introducing the ICE WATCH RAYA collection- ICE cosmos (for her) and ICE chrono (for him)

What is Ice-Watch’s treat for the festive season? The chance to shine brightly. Now more than ever. This is the reason behind the new ICE cosmos collection: 6 dress watches with a galactic shine. Each of these feminine and refined watches radiate ultra-stellar charm, dazzling with crystals. Choose between the colour of black or white, each dial contains a crescendo of sparkles. This discretely lights up the time with brilliant detail. The bright colours make the watch face sparkle like colourful sapphires. Its glamorous look is a glimpse into the magical vault of heaven with an iridescent electric blue or white sky that catches the eye like a satellite. Read more →


More than 4,000 local and international participants joined Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run 2022 in which it has portrayed how a fun run could unify peoples from all around the world altogether. Read more →