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(HIBURAN) Sony-Kartel “Havoc” Showcase at Istana Budaya


“Havoc @ Istana Budaya” is a concert featuring the country’s top hip-hop artists – Joe Flizzow, Altimet and SonaOne. This one-of-a-kind two-hour mega event will be presented at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur on 22 May 2014, 8:30pm, and is expected to be a major success especially among the youths and fans of the artists. Read more →

(HIBURAN) HAVOC manifestasi segar Joe Flizzow


7 DISEMBER 2013 – Bertempat di LUST KL, telah berlangsungnya pelancaran dan mini showcase album terbaru Joe Flizzow yang berjudul “HAVOC”. Setelah agak lama tidak muncul dengan album baru, Joe Flizzow telah membuat kejutan dengan menerbitkan album penuh Bahasa Malaysia pertama buat tatapan peminat setia beliau. HAVOC merupakan kesinambungan yang amat dinantikan kepada album President yang dilancarkan pada tahun 2009 lalu. Read more →

(HIBURAN) Joe Flizzow’s ‘Havoc’ goes straight to No. 1 on iTunes Malaysia


Joe Flizzow’s latest single ‘Havoc’ has stormed the iTunes Malaysia charts since its official launch this morning. ‘Havoc’ which is the first single from Joe Flizzow’s forthcoming similarly titled album, went straight to No. 1 on iTunes Malaysia and also trended nationwide on Twitter (#HAVOC). Produced by SonaOne, ‘Havoc’ also features a dynamic Kartel collaboration with Altimet and SonaOne. The thumping beat from the use of the popular 808 drumkit, coupled with witty rhymes from all 3 rappers, has certainly created a sound not often heard in Malay-language songs. Read more →