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(SEMASA) A STAR-STUDDED AFFAIR WITH SHELL V-POWER – Nabil Ahmad, Heliza Helmi, Farid Kamil and Diana Danielle excite contest winners with a private drive and dinner for two

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Imagine being rewarded a private dinner and drive with your favourite celebrity just by sharing some tips. This was made possible recently by Shell via its “Jalan-Jalan Balik Kampung Dengan Shell V-Power” campaign and contest, which aims to make the long balik kampung drive much more enjoyable with Shell V-Power – the formula for driving excitement. Despite the overwhelming response received during the month-long campaign, Shell was only able to select six winning entries. Read more →

(SEMASA) Kongsi petua balik kampung dengan artis-artis pujaan anda untuk menyeronokkan pengalaman balik kampung mereka dengan Shell V-Power!

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Sempena Hari Raya Aidilfitri yang bakal tiba, Shell V-Power telah melancarkan satu pertandingan, “Jalan-Jalan Balik Kampung Dengan Shell V-Power” bertujuan untuk mempertingkatkan perjalanan balik kampung anda dengan Shell V-Power – satu formula yang memberikan prestasi yang menakjubkan. Read more →