(HIBURAN) FS (Fuying & Sam) With Triple Doses of Their Talent with upcoming Concerts, Movies, Advertisements and more!

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 FS (Fuying & Sam) are once again on their meteoric rise in the entertainment industry, following 2 years of continuous effort and progress from them thatbrought them across Taiwan. Today, FS’s career in the entertainment industry is set to take another big leap ahead! To start things off, FS will be having their first ever concert “FS 2°C CONCERT LIVE IN MALAYSIA” on 17th January 2015, showing off to the world how much they’ve improved musically over the past 2 years.

Through the support and contribution of their various partners, FS (Fuying & Sam)’s “FS 2c CONCERT LIVE IN MALAYSIA”is proudly presented by ACSON & Vivo Smart Phone, with TUNE TALK and TECH TITAN as the Official Promotions Partner, and the support of Official Radio MYFM and other promo partners – Bossini, CD Rama, Neway, Absolute Technical Production – is all set at Kuala Lumpur’s MEGA STAR ARENA, Kuchai Lama.

To thank their fans for their unwaveringly supported them for over 2 years, FS will return to Malaysia to promote their new album, as well as hold their first ever concert ticket pre-sales launch on 7th November 2014, 7pm, at Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. On that day, fans that purchased concerts tickets and FS’s latest album “Love Temperature” can have the ticket and album autographed by FS. As a special treat, fans will also get to witness FS perform some of their latest hits during the event!

“FS 2°C CONCERT LIVE IN MALAYSIA” tickets are divided into 3 categories: RM 88, RM 138 & RM 238. If fans purchase the RM 138 or RM 238 tickets during the pre-sale event at Sungai Wang, they will enjoy an early bird discount of 10%, as well as a chance to participate in the lucky draw to win fantastic prizes including an ACSON air conditioner, vivo Smart Phone, TECH TITAN products hamper& TUNE TALK merchandise!

Apart from the exciting news of their concert, FS will also be sharing more details of their upcoming film and also the joys of being a product ambassador during the autograph event.

During preparations for their new album, FS had an opportunity to head over to Pulau Ketam together with Eric Linto join Mahu Pictures as part of their latest romance film “Paint My Love”! According to the directors Teng Bee and Jen B, they chose PulauKetam as the location for the movie as the island still had the old-school charm buildings and a sense of simplicity, which appealed to their artistic sense – thus making the place the perfect location to shoot the romance themed youthfilm.

Both directors revealed that FS had pretty good performance in the film. “Sam had less dialogue in the film, but spent a lot of time portraying his character’s inner turmoil via facial and body expressions. His expressions in the film were very good, and portray the character very well. As for Fuying, he played his character with constant mood swings perfectly.”

The 2 directors had nothing but praises for FS’s contribution to the film. This is a highly promising development for FS, and giving them a boost of confidence for their acting skills, and hopefully a sign of more films to come in the future!

In addition to having a new album, a new film, an upcoming concert – FS is also the brand ambassador for many brands – that ranges from TECH TITAN, which they have represented since the early days, to Taiwan’s Snack Food Mini ‘Ke Le Ko’, ROSES2U, with latest being TUNE TALK. During the concert ticket pre-sale event, one of the concert presenters, Acson announced that they are the latest brand to confirm FS as brand ambassador with a 6 figure sum.

According to General Manager of ACSON Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn. Bhd., “The decision to engage FS as ACSON’s 2015 Ambassador is relatively clear. From the first impression FS embodies young, healthy, vibrant and positive energy which synchronizes with ACSON’s brand value. I hope with FS on board as ambassador, together both ACSON and FS can thrive and grow together. Anytime when you need the warmth comfort or time to cool down, Acson together with FS – full of healthy, positive and motivational energy will be always by your side.”

“FS 2°C CONCERT LIVE IN MALAYSIA”, organized by RAM Entertainment and Koozaa.com will like to thank Presenters ACSON and vivo Smart Phone, Official Promotional Partners – TUNE TALK and TECH TITAN, Official Radio Station MYFM and promo partners – Bossini, CD Rama, Neway and Absolute Technical Production for all the support. For more information on “FS 2°C CONCERT LIVE IN MALAYSIA” please call 0105010516 or go to www.koozaa.com.

FS (Fuying & Sam) will also be travelling across Malaysia to promote ‘”Love Temperature” Album and “2°C Concert”. Please find the Promotional Tour schedule below:

Date Time Venue
8/11/2014 8.00pm Boulevard Mall, Kuching
9/11/2014 5.00pm Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Ground Floor,
Jesselton Wing Concourse
10/11/2014 9.00pm INTI International College Subang Jaya
14/11/2014 11.00am SEGI KOTA DAMANSARA
15/11/2014 1.00pm CD RAMA Station 18, Ipoh
5.00pm Main Stage, 1st Floor, Kerian Sentra Mall, Parit Buntar
9.30pm Auto-City, Shop In’d Park
16/11/2014 1.00pm Queensbay Mall 2nd Floor North Zone
4.00pm Strait Court, Straits Quay Retail Marina
8.00pm Gurney Plaza Extension Wing
17/11/2014 12.00pm Han Chiang College, Penang

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