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(HIBURAN) FS (Fuying & Sam) returns to Malaysia bringing their brand new album after 2 years.

30 September 2017, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia’s award winning pop duo, FS (Fuying & Sam) has officially released a brand new album in Asia, 《The Lakeside of Yearning》. In conjunction with the release of the album, FS will kick off their first albumsale and meet the fans event in Malaysia at Vanity Atrium of Sunway Velocity Mall, Cheras today. Read more →

(SEMASA) Kerjasama Reebonz Bersama FS Dari Filem The Dream Boyz’ Menghasilkan Kempen Dreams Do Come True


Reebonz (disebut sebagai ‘ribbons’), destinasi jualan peribadi secara dalam talian eksklusif kegemaran Asia bagi jenama mewah, bakal menghadiahkan ahlinya RM 18,000 dalam bentuk baucar tunai dan produk berjenama mewah sempena Tahun Baru Cina melalui kempen ‘Dreams Do Come True’. Read more →

(HIBURAN) FS (Fuying & Sam) With Triple Doses of Their Talent with upcoming Concerts, Movies, Advertisements and more!

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 FS (Fuying & Sam) are once again on their meteoric rise in the entertainment industry, following 2 years of continuous effort and progress from them thatbrought them across Taiwan. Today, FS’s career in the entertainment industry is set to take another big leap ahead! To start things off, FS will be having their first ever concert “FS 2°C CONCERT LIVE IN MALAYSIA” on 17th January 2015, showing off to the world how much they’ve improved musically over the past 2 years. Read more →

(HIBURAN) FS (Fuying & Sam) Announces Official Fan Club at Brand Ambassador Meet & Greet Session.


Pop idols FS (Fuying & Sam) continues their meteoric rise of popularity, not only surging ahead with being brand ambassadors but also establishing their fan club, another threshold in their bright future. Read more →