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Subang Jaya, 27 February 2019 – Zontes Malaysia brings a new premium brand to  Malaysia. Zontes is the latest entry into the  country’s lightweight segment. Zontes Malaysia is  confident that the brand will achieve strong  positioning this year and that Malaysian  motorcycle enthusiasts will receive the brand with  enthusiasm.

The Zontes brand meets the increasingly tough  demand for motorcycles that embody  performance, innovation, technology, styling, quality, comfort, accessibility and practicality, at  competitive prices. This is why these four Zontes models include great features that are in the  domain of larger and more expensive  motorcycles. All are built to be practical in every  riding situation.

In fact,  Zontes is built on the philosophy of  innovation and quality.

Highlights include:

  • Futuristic, bold, unparalleled and unique styling.
  • Electrically adjustable windscreen (for the 310-T and 310-X).
  • Fully digital TFT display.
  • LED lighting for the running light, headlight, taillight and signal lights.
  • Smart lithium-ion battery ensure quick starting and reduces weight.
  • Dual-channel Bosch M9.1 ABS (disengageable).
  • Two power modes: “E” for economy and “S” for Sport
  • Upside-down forks.
  • Nitrogen-filled monoshock rear suspension.
  • One-piece cast aluminium swingarm.
  • Lightweight aluminium allow wheels.
  • The high strength steel tube frame is utilized as the oil cooler.
  • Delphi fuel-injection management.
  • Dry sump engine lubrication.
  • Aluminium engine block for optimal cooling.
  • Fuel tank with galvanized liner to prohibit corrosion and blocked fuel system.
  • Anti-scald coating on exhaust silencers.
  • Electrically-controlled fuel filler cover.
  • Electrically-controlled seat lock.
  • USB charging port.
  • Keyless Control System for secure and ease of locking and unlocking the motorcycle.
  • Rear luggage rack.

As highlighted above, Zontes motorcycles  mesmerizing and groundbreaking styling, but are  also built with the rider’s safety and comfort in  mind.

The ZT310-T, ZT310-R, ZT310-X and ZT310-X  GP are built on a common platform of engine,  frame and chassis, making parts availability a  non-issue. Zontes Malaysia will hard hand-in-hand with dealers to ensure that all Zontes customers receive the best aftermarket care,  throughout Malaysia.


The Zontes ZT310-T is unmistakably an  adventure (ADV) motorcycle. Distinguishing  features include a large motorized windscreen,  handguards, high-level mudguard and crash  protection bars.

The Zontes ZT310-T is priced at RM 21,600.00 (basic selling price without road tax, insurance  and number plates). Zontes Malaysia is offering  the first batch of ZT310-T with exclusive top box  and panniers.


The Zontes ZT310-R is the naked sportbike in  the line-up. A naked sportbike needs to have  bold and extrovert styling. The most  distinguishing features are the aggressive  headlamp, taillamp and belly pan. The headlight  combined with the radiator shroud give the  impression of a muscular futuristic robot from the  front. On the other hand, the taillamps are  mounted flush in the tailsection, giving the bike a

distinctive and aggressive appearance. The Zontes ZT310-R is priced at RM 19,800.00  (basic selling price without road tax, insurance  and number plates).


The Zontes ZT310-X is the sport-tourer of the  310 family. It features an aerodynamic  windscreen and front-end, full-fairing, and  passenger grab rails. The handlebar is mounted  on risers to provide a natural and comfortable  riding position for the long rides to your favourite destinations far away from the hustle and bustle  of the city.

For an even more “out-there” styling, the Zontes ZT310-X GP features sportier graphics. It is sure  to stand out from the crowd. The Zontes ZT310-X is priced at RM 20,800.00  while the Zontes ZT310-X GP is priced at RM  21,600.00 (basic selling prices without road tax,  insurance and number plates),

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