(SEMASA) CLEAR celebrates confidence on a high note, honouring consumers who took the CLEAR zero-dandruff challenge

Party in Black Image 3

Strong aura of confidence saturated the atmosphere at SOJU Sunway, as hundreds of exclusively invited guests donned their best black-coloured attires were strutting around CLEAR’s Party in Black – an ultra-celebration of confidence – with their heads held high and no qualms visible dandruff flakes on their clothing. The party is the culmination of CLEAR’s Bare It All and Pledge to Confidence campaign, which challenged consumers to take the zero dandruff challenge as a start to restore their confidence. Read more →

(SEMASA) CLEAR Membantu Pengguna Untuk Menyerlahkan Segalanya Dengan Lebih Berkeyakinan


Pengguna kini boleh mengucapkan selamat tinggal terhadap kelemumur yang tersembunyi di antara celah rambut mahupun di hujung bahu yang menjejaskan penampilan. Dengan ini, CLEAR telah melancarkan teknologi terbaru untuk merawat dan menghalang pertumbuhan semula kelemumur termasuk menyuburkan rambut dan kulit kepala untuk kesan perawatan yang berpanjangan. CLEAR juga menampilkan wajah baru untuk CLEAR Women dan CLEAR Men – kini jenama syampu lelaki nombor 1 di dunia**. Di samping itu, CLEAR juga menggalakkan  pengguna untuk tampil lebih berani dan berkeyakinan ketika berada di khalayak ramai. Read more →

(SEMASA) CLEAR and Manchester United Trip to Old Trafford

On the way to Old Trafford_compressed

Four lucky Malaysians were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the Manchester United versus Liverpool match live at Old Trafford recently. CLEAR partnered with Manchester United to organise the CLEAR and Manchester United contest where the winners would be given a VIP experience at Old Trafford. On the hunt for its Old Trafford VIPs, CLEAR devised a simple challenge that tested its participants through a game of skill and swiftness, where the men who stayed ahead of the game and were the quickest to answer the given question correctly would win the contest. Read more →