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(SEMASA) CLEAR celebrates confidence on a high note, honouring consumers who took the CLEAR zero-dandruff challenge

Party in Black Image 3

Strong aura of confidence saturated the atmosphere at SOJU Sunway, as hundreds of exclusively invited guests donned their best black-coloured attires were strutting around CLEAR’s Party in Black – an ultra-celebration of confidence – with their heads held high and no qualms visible dandruff flakes on their clothing. The party is the culmination of CLEAR’s Bare It All and Pledge to Confidence campaign, which challenged consumers to take the zero dandruff challenge as a start to restore their confidence. Read more →


NIVEA MEN Cool Kick_4

Obsesi lelaki terhadap penyelesaian masalah bau badan telah wujud sejak berabad lamanya. Cuaca panas dan gaya hidup aktif membuatkan lelaki mudah berpeluh. Peluh menyebabkan bahagian bawah lengan melekit dan mengundang ketikdakselesaan yang menjurus kepada pengumpulan bakteria. Ia kemudiannya menjadi punca kepada bau badan. Read more →

(SEMASA) Samsung motivates Malaysians to embrace healthier lifestyle via Gear Fit Gym Challenge

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Fitness aficionados and avid gym goers who want to win themselves a brand new Samsung Gear Fit will be delighted to know that it is as easy as hopping onto the treadmill to complete a five-kilometre run. Known as the Gear Fit Gym Challenge, it will run for 10 consecutive weeks starting 16 June at Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First, and comes to a completion on 27 August. Read more →