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After the success of Salammusik’s first album and the release of their second album on January 2013, they brought the fire back on their “Musikal Ekspres” showcase during the 26th of June 2013 at Laundry where they released the video of their song “Aku Pelat” which was directed by Idril Milhat. A great night indeed started with three opening acts lead by the talented “Dose Two” warming up the crowd with their fine hip-hop tunes followed by an electrifying acoustic set presented by “Pita Hati” and concluded by the sweet pop sounds of the multi talented singer, songwriter “Diandra Arjunaidi” along side her full band. 


Salammusik’s Musikal Ekspres was a full house at Laundry which attracted around 300 people, all came to experience the video release of Aku Pelat. After the final opening act, Salammusik presented the video of Aku Pelat, the moment everyone was waiting for was received with an amaz-ing feedback from the crowd accompanied by applauds. The music video was produced by Motio-fixo, directed by Idril Milhat and shot at Kampung Penchala. The night was still very young indeed. Salamusik took over the stage after the video showcase with an amazing 40 minutes of incredible sounds and tunes. On the stage, Dj Fuzz and Altimet joined the band performing their hit singles Bangkit and Aku Pelat, adding more flavour to the recipe. Salam-musik also got to share 2 songs from their upcoming album which is set to be released in 2014. In Salammusik’s terms “it take’s ten hands to clap”, and those ten hands belong to: Salam, Tip and Eyza Bahra on the vocals, Boy on the drums, Efry Arwis on the bass, Kamal Razali on the guitar, Ammar Habir on the key’s and last but not least Payung, Jazz and Djambul on the horns. This showcase would be Salammusik’s last performance in Malaysia before their musical journey on the Euro tour which will commence on the 20th of July 2013. “We are very grateful for the opportunity given to us, allowing to share our music with the rest of the world, and mostly very proud to be shar-ing the stage on the Sfinks festival in Belgium with Ky-Mani Marley” according to Salammusik.They will be performing for six major festivals around Europe along side multiple live music venue’s across that region. Salammusik is very thankful for all the media, fans and supporters that showed up for the showcase hoping to always meet the standards of great music and put a smile on as many faces as possible.

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