(SEMASA) Lam Soon Makes Quality Affordable with Home & Personal Care Campaign 2016

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LamSoon Products

Shah Alam, May 6, 2016 – Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn. Bhd. (Lam Soon) a household name in Malaysia since the 1950s for edible foods as well household and personal care products.

Lam Soon is dedicated to producing quality products for a healthier lifestyle and cleaner homes including Antabax antibacterial shower cream, soap, cleansing wipes and hand sanitizer range, bio-home floor and multipurpose cleaner, Fruitale FairWhite UV shower cream, soap and olive oil, Labour dishwashing liquid and paste, May beauty soap and shower cream, Orchid feminine wash range, Syaza beauty soap and ZIP homecare product range of dishwashing liquid, all purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, powder and cream cleanser.

Concerned about the overall wellness among Malaysians, Lam Soon is making their quality products affordable. From their wide selection of Personal Care products to a variety of Home Hygiene items, the Home and Personal Care Division at Lam Soon wants more people to be able to access their trusted brands at a lower price.

Their campaign, Quality Made Affordable is running from April 1 2016 to August 7 2016 will feature their products such as Antabax, bio-home, Fruitale, Labour, May, Orchid, Syaza and ZIP at a promotional price at all participating retail outlets nationwide.

Mr. Allan Khong, the Executive Director of Marketing and Sales, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd mentioned that this campaign is an opportunity for Malaysians to get their hands on products for personal hygiene and household care products that will keep their home squeaky clean and their physical body protected from germs.

“Through this campaign, we are promoting personal and home hygiene, while working towards creating a healthier and cleaner nation. Poor hygiene has been proven to cause many diseases in households nationwide including the common food poisoning, skin infection, trachoma, diarrhoea and much more[1].”

“All of our products, from the shower creams, soaps, antibacterial gels and sprays, to an array of household care products are a 100% certified Halal by JAKIM. We want to be your family’s trusted protection and use our products with a peace of mind, knowing that it’s safe and clean” added Mr. Khong.

Mr. Khong trusts that through this campaign, they’ll be able to help families across Malaysia getting even more for every ringgit they spend purchasing Lam Soon’s wide variety of products.

Mr. Khong also said “We understand that with the economy’s condition, many households are looking forward to saving more on the buck while not compromising on the quality. With our Quality Made Affordable campaign, every Malaysian can now spend less for more”.

[1] Department of Health, http://www.health.gov.au/internet/publications/publishing.nsf/Content/ohp-enhealth-manual-atsi-cnt-l~ohp-enhealth-manual-atsi-cnt-l-ch3~ohp-enhealth-manual-atsi-cnt-l-ch3.2

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