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Malaysian fans were treated to a special up close and personal with Hong Kong superstars during the launch of All Things Girl infotainment program at Sunway Pyramid. The beauty inspired program series is made possible here in Malaysia by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons.

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Priscilla Wong, Elena Kong and Joyce Tang were greeted by nearly 500 guests, members of the media and screaming fans at the launch where the Hong Kong artistes attended to a meet and greet session with lucky Watsons shoppers.

Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons is proud to bring this infotainment series to Malaysia by adopting the concept aired in Hong Kong, but the content is tailored and suited for the local audience. We hope through this program we are able to leverage on this engagement with the audience and especially to our customers with Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons products,” said Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia at the launch.

During the launch, the Hong Kong superstars treated the audience with a special hindsight of what was to expect from the special 6 episode program.

“Each of us will host each episode and would cover a topic relevant to women today. And there will be special guests invited for every episode to speak on the topic and that every woman can relate to,” said Elena during the stage interview with the audience. Elena recent success on the movie screen was on her role in Triumph in the Skies (衝上雲霄), a romantic drama film released earlier this year and also coincidently presented by Watsons during the movie release in Malaysia.

The audience and especially Watsons customers also had the opportunity to learn from the Hong Kong superstars who shared on some personal beauty tips and also assisted in some beauty demonstration with Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons products.

“My beauty tip is simple despite living a hectic schedule. I make sure I have enough rest so my skin can regenerate and I also eat clean and lead a healthy lifestyle. I also ensure the beauty products used are gentle to my skin,” Joyce elaborated during the chit chat session with the other personalities.

Joyce is an actress with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in Hong Kong and is also better known to viewers as a tough woman mostly due to her characters in dramas, particularly her role as “Chan Sam Yun” in 1998 Hong Kong’s modern cop drama Armed Reaction.

Priscilla, the lead actress for Come Home Love 2 (愛·回家) also added, “It is important for us ladies to take control of our body so that we are able to perform despite the busy schedule. There is no beauty to my secret only that I pay attention and take care of my body and physical needs.”

Also present at the launch was Caryn Loh, General Manager of Trading, Watsons Malaysia who later gave away bouquet of flowers to the three Hong Kong superstars.

Over the past decade, Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons has embarked on a search for the perfect antioxidant, and along the way discovered many more of nature’s skincare secrets. Inspired by Korean skincare innovation, incorporating the finest natural ingredients and made possible by leading edge technology, Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons have created unique skincare products based on powerful antioxidant blends for visible, long-term results. All products are dermatologically tested and proven to be safe and effective solutions leaving the skin looking healthier, softer and younger. The skin care range available at Watsons stores are the Pomegranate Antioxidant and White & Bright range respectively.

All Things Girl is a joint collaboration between Astro and TVB and sponsored by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons. The program will start airing on 6 September 2015 at 9pm and will be aired on Astro’s Wah Lai Toi and Wah Lai Toi HD channels respectively.

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