STUDIO 216 is a furniture and homeware atelier for those determined to express his or her passion for exquisite artisanal lifestyle goods. More than just selling pieces of furniture and home décor, we are offering personal expressions refined subtlety. We wish to celebrate the richness and profusion of emotion in good design that is reined in and curated by elegant good taste. We are here for the discerning and proud homeowner who wants to show off good taste without being too flashy or showy. Our select clientele will comprise both the successful cognoscenti and tasteful hedonist who are attuned to the good life. Their pursuit of beauty and pleasure are serious endeavours borne by a passion for acquiring excellence.


STUDIO 216 is your personal furniture and homeware atelier celebrating the abundant richness and quiet intensity of emotion in seriously exquisite design. All pieces are impeccably and lovingly crafted, and carefully hand-picked and curated for your exquisite lifestyle.

STUDIO 216 mission to offer the finest and best Italian and European artisanal furniture and homeware to the Malaysian and regional  market. The pieces we handpick will represent elegant, good taste for the client with a fine taste of excellent craftsmanship. We will offer advice, consultancy and service at the most personal and professional level, and will do our level best to fulfil your lifestyle desires.

STUDIO 216 vision to be Malaysia and the region’s leading premium furniture and homeware atelier offering an exceptional, handpicked range of artisanal Italian and European lifestyle goods.


The word “modernity” is often associated  to the concepts of cold perfection and minimal look. Porada wants to change this kind of mood combining in its products shape and substance,  elegant appearance and emotional beauty, giving to its furniture a perfect design together with traditional manufacturing.


Porada’s aim is to create timeless elegant furniture that can stay in  every modern home and last forever. Design goes together with functionality, so that in every product you can  find both shape and substance, aesthetical taste and utility. Timeless pieces, alluring shapes, international taste, simply Porada.


The company Porada was established in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the help of his four sons in order to expand the production of chairs, started in 1948, to other branches of the home furnishing. The Porada collection is the result of proper combining of technological processes with the artisan tradition of this area. The collaboration with many creative designer like Tarcisio Colzani, Marconato e Zappa, Opera Design, Giuseppe Viganò, Gino Carollo and Stefano Bigi made the company strong at international level, and its elegant taste is now worldwide known. A style established years ago by Luigi Allievi and still alive in the company’s current collection.


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